Was born in Leningrad (1983). Graduated in Russian State Pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen, at the faculty of fine arts (2005) and finish his postgraduate study at 2008.  


2005-2015 -- assistant of the Professor of drawing of the Herzen State Pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen.

Take part in art exhibitions since 2001.


Member of the Union of Artists of Saint-Petersburg since 2010. 

His art-works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg), the Historical and Cultural Museum Center of Vyborg and in private collections.

Selected Exhibitions:

2013 – "Born to fly and crawl’, Russian State Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  Participant of the common exhibition.

 2014 -- IV Baltic Biennale of contemporary art. Park of the Palace Bobrinsky, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  Participant of the common exhibition.

2015 - "Sculpture in stone of XX –XXI century". State Russian Museum. Mikhailovsky castle. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2015 - Festival "Lenin was Here..." To the 145th anniversary of Lenin's birth.  Historical and cultural Museum complex in the Spill. House Museum of V. I. Lenin.

2015 - Third exhibition of the project "Public art on the political history of Russia" "Memory of the war: thoughts and images". State Museum of political history of Russia. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


2016 - Youth Of St. Petersburg. Exhibition halls of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2016 -- Archaic. Contemporary artists about primitive art. New exhibition hall of the state Museum of urban sculpture.

2016 – The Museum of the Bohemian life of Petersburg of the XX - XXI centuries. Personal exhibition.

2016 -  Personal exhibition "Territory", Gallery "Nevsky, 20». Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2016 -- Exhibition "Dreams of the universe". Museum of political history.

2016 -- I interregional exhibition "Young artists of the North-West of Russia". Syktyvkar, Russia.

2016 -- "Space Odyssey". The annual project exhibition of Public-Art. «Space Odyssey.» The Museum "The Hut Of V. I. Lenin". St. Petersburg, Russia.

2016 -- V Baltic Biennale of contemporary art St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg, Russia.

2016 – "Nature of sculpture". Bobrinsky Palace Park on the territory of the Faculty of liberal arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia.


2017 - Exhibition "Revolution". Historical and cultural Museum complex in the Spill. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2017 -- 2nd Museum festival "Lenin was Here..."The house-Museum of V. I. Lenin in Vyborg.

2017 -  Personal exhibition "Bluff". Gallery "Door». Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


2018  -- “The Most human person. Lenin : immersion in the myth", The State Museum of the history of St. Petersburg in the exhibition halls of the Rumyantsev mansion. Gallery 45, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


2013 – “OMENA", International ART FORUM in Eco-Art Village Rajan Loma, Finland. Participant of the symposium.

2013 – Symposium on marble in Knidos (Turkey, Palamutbuku). Participant of the symposium.

2015 – International Symposium of artists "Art Area-2015". State pedagogical University of Hebei province, Art Museum of the state pedagogical University in Hebei province, Shijiazhuan, China. Participant of the common exhibition.

2019 - International Stone Sculpture Symposium “Culture_Code_Stone”, Petrovo, Etnomir, Russia. With Vasilisa Karpova.

2019 - „Humanimal – Mensch – Tier – Seele“. Internationales Bildhauersymposium in Schloss und Zoo, Hoyerswerda, Germany.

2019  – laureate (3 place) of Concrete Sculpture Festival, Svirsk, Russia.  With Vasilisa Karpova.

2019- 7th International Sculpture symposium, Aya-Napa , Cyprus. 


  • 2012 – winner of the contest for best project for the monument to “The Northern convoys”, Arkhangelsk, Russia.

  • 2012 – 3-rd place in the contest for the best sketch-project for the monument of G. Ya. Sedov, Arkhangelsk, Russia.